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fix: fix spacing on signup screen checkbox

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......@@ -60,7 +60,7 @@ export function CheckBoxBase(props: CheckBoxBaseProps): JSX.Element {
isDisabled ? 'text-gray-350' : 'text-gray-800',
variant === 'facet' && 'flex-1',
text: 'flex-1 inline-flex justify-between',
text: 'flex-1 inline-flex justify-between space-x-1',
return (
......@@ -154,11 +154,17 @@ function SignUpForm(): JSX.Element {
<FormTextField name="displayName" label="Name" />
<FormTextField type="email" name="email" label="Email" />
<FormCheckBox name="acceptedRegulations">
I have read and understood the{' '}
<Link href={{ pathname: '/privacy-policy' }} passHref>
<Anchor>Privacy policy</Anchor>
</Link>{' '}
and I accept it.
<span>I have read and understood the</span>
href={new URL(
Privacy policy
<span>and I accept it.</span>
<div className="self-end py-2">
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