Commit ae214177 authored by Stefan Probst's avatar Stefan Probst
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fix: fix color contrast

parent ad9c78d9
......@@ -33,7 +33,7 @@ function EuGrantNote() {
className="px-4 py-24 space-x-4 border-t border-gray-200"
<EuFlag width="2.5em" className="flex-shrink-0" />
<p className="max-w-screen-sm text-xs text-gray-500">
<p className="max-w-screen-sm text-xs text-gray-550">
The SSH Open Marketplace is developed as part of the &quot;Social
Sciences and Humanities Open Cloud&apos; SSHOC project, European
Union&quot;s Horizon 2020 project call H2020-INFRAEOSC-04-2018, grant
......@@ -202,7 +202,7 @@ function ReportAnIssueButton({
<a className="mx-6 my-2">Report an issue</a>
<a className="mx-6 my-2 text-gray-550">Report an issue</a>
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