Commit e263dde7 authored by Stefan Probst's avatar Stefan Probst
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Revert "chore: update react-toastify"

This reverts commit 602081d1.
parent 602081d1
......@@ -15726,10 +15726,10 @@ react-textarea-autosize@^8.0.0, react-textarea-autosize@^8.3.0:
use-composed-ref "^1.0.0"
use-latest "^1.0.0"
version "9.0.0-rc-2"
resolved ""
integrity sha512-ErWO+aINQ05zkZIqUxwGQjjhdW6649ANYgFiHY4ecZ8n8eYEhZTSKP0rp1lKEkDT9i4ZhMGrwnOWPk4wfkJsOQ==
version "8.1.1"
resolved ""
integrity sha512-KQa+j+JHjy69xpPYheaWUq3SjVw1sV2D7/QsXW6Tpo2x9HhUCvASezAMYDmLhfAYoSnaXUVnTNFAgZQA75SExQ==
clsx "^1.1.1"
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