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All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file. See [standard-version]( for commit guidelines.
## [1.12.0]( (2021-06-17)
### Features
* add padding to list not to overlap with FAB ([0db4c91](
* fab with highlight all/none ([463333d](
* fab with highlight all/none ([3ad837f](, closes [#158](
* implement motifs tab in annotations ([f64e38a](
* styled fab ([1aaeb65](
### Bug Fixes
* closes [#275]( by resetting the toggle state on text panel update ([6c6d888](
* highlight all or none in respective tab ([2dae09e](
* last element not cut off anymore and list is scrollable ([766d4a4](
* provide scroll area to scroll the list of annotaions wheever it excedd it's viewport ([fba060c](
### Styling
* accent color for floating action button annotations panel ([183ca40](, closes [#282](
* adopt the styling from the text panel (content.vue) ([e16bed7](
* basic "style" (fix typo) ([afaa1fc](
* changed color style to use quasar variable ([24b230d](
* improve icon spacing of annotations in text panel ([d4ffdb8](
* improve var name ([7bea027](
* introduce new folder for several annotation components ([8cf0e2f](
### Refactoring
* addressing review comments ([55d865b](
* annotation tabs have to be generic ([dcaad91](
* highlight all or none code refactor ([469e825](
* improve maintainability due to modularization ([594a26e](
* improvement: split the template into it's main parts (annotationlist) ([a44038d](
* logic to add text class names ([5f9e3d8](
* provide a template for the upcoming annotation toggles to be treated in [#271]( ([39a10d1](
* provide new component "annotationlist" ([9190f9e](
* remove obsolete code ([28b9412](
* renamed prop and added i18n to tab titles ([968ea86](
* show notification if annotations aren't available ([fcff762](
* wrap text elements to if condition ([1d62df8](
### Docs
* add docs about stages [skip ci] ([e775784](
* extend docs for ci scripts ([65c3b9d](
* update README according to the changes in the congig object ([289ad26](
* update README in regards to annotation type configuration ([3e7d78e](
* updated read me ([86ad976](
* used suggested translation ([e42d087](
### Continuos Integration
* remove entry point ([2a7b302](
* remove entry point ([27d5fc4](
* remove entry point ([aabf429](
* remove entry point ([bfff14a](
* remove entry point ([579b690](
* remove entry point ([f722a02](
* remove entry point ([32d1ac8](
* remove entry point ([f6ec55e](
* remove entry point ([cdf6950](
### Chore
* add entrypoint for dev ([888025b](
* merge branch 'develop' into feature/[#272]( ([3596ab8](
* merge develop ([ecceda5](
* relabel toggle buttons ([0a1df8c](
* remove obsolete style block ([b1a9996](
* typo ([3ef43aa](
* wIP: try to tackle last list item which is still cut off ([89e018c](
## [1.11.0]( (2021-06-01)
"name": "@subugoe/tido",
"version": "1.11.0",
"version": "1.12.0",
"lockfileVersion": 1,
"requires": true,
"dependencies": {
"name": "@subugoe/tido",
"version": "1.11.0",
"version": "1.12.0",
"description": "Text vIever for Digital Objects",
"productName": "TIDO",
"keywords": [
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