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style: improve tool tip content formatting

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......@@ -345,9 +345,14 @@ export default {
tooltipEl.setAttribute('data-annotation-classes', `${el.className}`);
tooltipEl.setAttribute('class', 'annotation-tooltip');
const text = `Text belongs to annotation: "${annotationClasses.join(', ')}"`;
tooltipEl.innerText = text;
// TODO: add translation ability to the string "Referenced Annotation"
// TODO: plural/singluar "s" to "Referenced Annotation" depending of count of annotation references
// TODO: don't list annotation references via comma, but add a linebreak instead
// TODO: start every annotation reference with the follwoing string " - "
// TODO: add icon to (before) every annotation reference
const text = `<span class="text-body1">Referenced Annotation:</span><br><span class="text-body2">${annotationClasses.join(', ')}</span>`;
tooltipEl.innerHTML = text;
tooltipEl.setAttribute('id', this.getTooltipId(el)); = el;
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