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More generic string replacement for form field placeholders

* remove localisation strings
* encourage using plugin.tx_pazpar2._LOCAL_LANG.[en|de]... to replace the strings if necessary
parent afefa7b2
......@@ -60,7 +60,6 @@ plugin.tx_pazpar2 {
triggeredByNKWGOKMenu = 0
showSearchForm = 1
mainSearchFieldPlaceholder = 0
allowExtendedSearch = 1
fulltextSearch = 2
journalTitleOnlySearch = 1
......@@ -72,9 +72,9 @@ In addition to the options exposed in the flexform, a number of additional optio
* fulltextSearch [2]: configure checkbox to do full text search in the extended search form; 0 -> not shown, 1 -> labelled for full text search, 2 -> labelled for table of contents search
* journalTitleOnlySearch [1]: if 1, the checkbox to search journal titles only is displayed in the extended search form
* dateSearch [1]: if 1, the date field is displayed in the extended search form
* mainSearchFieldPlaceholder [0]: HTML5 placeholder string to be put into the main search field; available options are: 0 -> blank, 1 -> Search Term, 2 -> additional Search term, 3 -> Geo-sample strings featuring trunctation
* useSortMenu [0]: if 1 a HTML select element letting the user pick the sort order is included in the search form
* sortOrder [{1.fieldName = date \n 1.direction = descending \n 2.fieldName = author \n 2.direction = ascending \n 3.fieldName = title \n 3.direction = ascending}]
* Override localisations: Using plugin.tx_pazpar2._LOCAL_LANG.[en|de], the strings used in the search form can be overridden; Please refer to the file Resources/Private/Language/locallang.xml for a list of strings in use
* Results display:
* useMaps [1]: if 1, enables the display of Google Maps with markers for areas covered by the record displayed
* provideCOinSExport [1]: if 1, causes invisible [COinS]( metadata to be inserted into the result lists. It will be used by [Zotero]( to automatically find bibliographics records displayed in the page. Note that Zotero 3 is the first version capable of discovering COinS data that are dynamically added to the page.
......@@ -10,10 +10,7 @@
<data type="array">
<languageKey index="en" type="array">
<label index="form-main-placeholder-0"></label>
<label index="form-main-placeholder-1">Search term</label>
<label index="form-main-placeholder-2">add a search term</label>
<label index="form-main-placeholder-3">e.g. rocket or arctic*</label>
<label index="form-main-placeholder"></label>
<!-- pazpar2 extended search form -->
<label index="form-extended-label-all">All Fields</label>
<label index="form-extended-label-fulltext-1">full text search</label>
......@@ -144,10 +141,7 @@ Please run the search from a German university network for more complete results
<languageKey index="de" type="array">
<label index="form-main-placeholder-0"></label>
<label index="form-main-placeholder-1">Suchbegriff</label>
<label index="form-main-placeholder-2">zusätzlicher Suchbegriff</label>
<label index="form-main-placeholder-3">z.B. Granit oder Vulkan*</label>
<label index="form-main-placeholder"></label>
<!-- extended search form -->
<label index="form-extended-label-all">Alle Felder</label>
<label index="form-extended-label-fulltext-1">Volltextsuche</label>
......@@ -3,7 +3,7 @@
<div class="pz2-fieldContainer pz2-field-all">
<label class="pz2-textFieldLabel" for="pz2-field-all"><f:translate key="form-extended-label-all"/></label>
<f:form.textfield id="pz2-field-all" additionalAttributes="{placeholder: '{f:translate(key: \'form-main-placeholder-{conf.mainSearchFieldPlaceholder}\')}'}" class="pz2-searchField" name="queryString" value="{query.queryString}"/>
<f:form.textfield id="pz2-field-all" additionalAttributes="{placeholder: '{f:translate(key: \'form-main-placeholder\')}'}" class="pz2-searchField" name="queryString" value="{query.queryString}"/>
<f:if condition="{extended}!=1">
<span class="pz2-formControls">
<f:form.submit class="pz2-submitButton" value="{f:translate(key:'Find')}"/>
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