Commit 89aaf237 authored by uschwar1's avatar uschwar1
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registers/modifies PID also in the first diagram

parent d5d932e0
......@@ -30,7 +30,7 @@ agent "global PID Architecture" as PIDarch
PIDconsumer --> PIDarch : "queries PID"
PIDarch ..> PIDconsumer : "resolves PID"
'Repo --> Repo : "manages Data"
PIDconsumer o--> PIDarch : "registers PID"
PIDconsumer o--> PIDarch : "registers/modifies PID"
PIDarch <--o PIDconsumer : "accesses Prefix"
PIDarch *..> PIDconsumer : "issues Prefix Credential"
'PIDarch ..> PIDarch : "resolves Prefix namespace"
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