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......@@ -125,7 +125,7 @@ PIDconsumer *--> PIDreg : "requests Prefix"
## Internals of the Global PID Registration and Resolution
The same diagram with and unfolding of the internals of the global pid registration and resolution
The same diagram with an unfolding of the internals of the global pid registration and resolution
'actor User
......@@ -206,6 +206,51 @@ Repo *--> SRA : "requests Prefix"
'PIDserv ..> ProfR : "complies to Profile"
## Including Types and Profiles in Global PID Registration and Resolution with PID Consumer
The relations of types and profiles to the local PID service together with an
abstraction of the global PID Registration and Resolution as well as PID Consumer is given in the following diagram
'actor User as User
'agent Repository as Repo
agent "PID consumer" as PIDconsumer
agent "global PID Registration and Resolution" as PIDreg
database "PID Service" as PIDserv
rectangle "Local PID Provider" as PIDprov
actor "Type Registrar" as DTRboard
actor "Organisation/Community" as Cmty
database "Data Type Registry" as DTR
database "Profile Registry" as ProfR
'User o--> Repo : "registers Data"
'User <--* Repo : "issues credential"
'User --> Repo : "accesses Data"
PIDconsumer --> PIDreg : "queries PID"
'Repo --> Repo : "manages Data"
PIDconsumer o--> PIDserv : "registers/modifies PID"
PIDserv ..> PIDconsumer : "resolves PID"
PIDserv <--o PIDconsumer : "accesses Prefix"
PIDserv *..> PIDconsumer : "issues credential"
PIDreg ..> PIDserv : "resolves Prefix namespace"
PIDreg *....> PIDprov : "retrieves allocated Prefix"
PIDreg <....* PIDprov : "provides PID service info"
PIDserv <..o PIDprov : "implements and runs PID service"
PIDconsumer *--> PIDreg : "requests Prefix"
DTRboard o--> DTR : "registers/modifies Type"
DTRboard <--* DTR : "issues credential"
PIDserv ..> DTR : "refers to Types"
Cmty o--> ProfR : "registers/modifies Profile"
Cmty <--* ProfR : "issues credential"
Repo ..> ProfR : "looks up Profile"
PIDserv ..> ProfR : "complies to Profile"
## Overview Including Types and Profiles
The complete description of all internal relations including types and
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