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Resolve "save data outside app-root"

Stefan Hynek requested to merge 124-save-data-outside-app-root into develop
  • Moves the publicated data from "db/apps/sade/textgrid" to "db/data/sade/textgrid". The folder ("db/data/sade/textgrid") will not be written until the a file via TextGrid-SADE-publisher is published
  • The storage for the xconf-files is moved to "system/config/db/data/sade/textgrid" (from "system/config/db/apps/sade/textgrid"
  • The storage for xconf-files from the SADE-repo lasts at "db/apps/sade/textgrid" (Mathias argues that this helps to store the configuration of the xconf-files within the app. But we can discuss this later with the SADE-developer group. Also, in the case of a project that stores TEI-files in the repository, these files are not published yet.)
  • unit-tests in post-install.xq are deactivated
Edited by Florian Barth

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