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Release v1.7.0

Mathias Goebel requested to merge develop into main

the following list summarizes 1.6.0 and 1.7.0


  • compatibility to eXist 5.3.0
  • optional less strict validation
    • introduces an “options” column to the GUI and a spell check icon
    • strict mode requires RNG for every xml to be published and rejects if no rng is present or associated
    • i guess less strict mode is the way to go in most cases, but for backwards compatibility default is set to strict mode
  • set version of eXist for docker build
  • external authentication
    • users can use http basic auth (eXist) or any other auth (like eXide) when using the app programmatically
    • no xmldb:login required, when external auth provides sufficient rights
  • dependency to eXist is added to the package description file
  • we added an icon to the package 🐝
  • improved CI performance


  • refined and extended
  • improved function documentation


  • eXist binary moved to github

for details see !31 (merged) and !30 (merged)

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