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Prioritized labels

Drag to reorder prioritized labels and change their relative priority.

Other labels

  • S 3
    Severity 3 - Major: Broken Feature, workaround acceptable.
  • S 4
    Severity 4 - Low: Functionality inconvenience or cosmetic issue.
  • Task
    A task is anything which does not fit into any other life-cycle and this particular state represents the uncompleted task.
  • Triage
    The triage is the state before any life-cycle begins. The assigned triagers decide which kind of issue is in front of them and hence which life-cycle the issue should to follow.
  • Unconfirmed
    An unconfirmend bug is a bug that has not been confirmed yet.
  • Won't Fix
    The issue describes unwanted behavior which is produced by outdated/non- compliant/erroneous/unratable third-party software or it describes something that is not a defect in the first place.
  • Works For Me
    The performance problems or defective behavior cannot be reproduced even though the information in the issue seems to be complete or the allegedly missing documentation or spefication is available, accurate and complete.