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feat: updating the search resulted item to display project header.

dindigala requested to merge issue/#39-project-header into master

To Test:

Since the changes are dependent to TIDO repo, do the following in TIDO:

  • please pull the branch issue/project-header in TIDO - MR
  • Please run the following commands - npm run build npm run tweak:build. There is a dist folder created and copy tido.js from it.

In GFL repo:

  • checkout the branch issue/#39-project-header.

  • Navigate to gfl-app-new/public/build delete the existing tido.js and replace the one copied from TIDO.

  • run the app and hit Suche from the menu

  • search from all result and from the resulted item select any one of the item which navigates to TIDO app.

  • We can see that the project header is displayed with HomePage Search and Title breadcrumbs.

  • To navigate back to resulted page - click on Search breadcrumb which we can navigate back to the result.

  • Navigate from any different page on search result list to tido and moving back to search hit works.

  • Try to change the value of source in detail.html.twig to any arbitrary value (ex: test) the project header doesn't displayed.

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