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refactored index transformation

Mathias Goebel requested to merge feature/register into develop

A refactored and tidy version of the index transformation. This PR corresponds to recent changes in SADE-Project: adjust styles.

new features

  • parses the hierarchy in the geographic index
  • support for additional elements:
  • tei:state
  • tei:occupation
  • tei:event/@where
  • tei:link to creator
  • tei:link with took_place_at
  • tei:link with former_or_current_location
  • new view: xml code
  • harmonized link icon according to the website style
  • to link to a single entry, the only get parameter needed is e with any valid xml:id. backwards compatible to older links that required the TextGrid-URI in additon.
  • Very-Last-Minute-Commit: enable a view for a single notebook

new specification

main title must be the first child node of an entry. this is used by the pointer function to find the correct label no matter if we deal with persName, orgName, label, name or placeName.

known issues

  • tei:ptr[@type="image"] – images are not published, so they can not be referenced
  • tei:relation. undocumented element, direct child of tei:listPerson
  • single page solution has 14MB in size and takes 25 seconds to create. we need to split or use ajax.
    • meanwhile i was able to speed up to 5.5 seconds using more efficient queries and data types.
  • syntax highlight with highlight.js - may the server should transform this. as long as we use a single page, there is «some» load on the client side.
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