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Direct CTF inversion phase reconstruction

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Implementation of the direct contrast transfer function (CTF) inversion in scipy/numpy framework in generator-style.

Mainly three classes/functions are added to the toolbox:

  1. GenericCTF: a low-level interface for the inversion formula, where regularization, padding shapes can be passed
  2. CTF: wrapper for high-level access like in the holotomotoolbox using by default the Cloetens regularization
  3. cloetens_regularization: (Fourier frequency) radial symmetric 2/3 parametric regularization.

For details on the formulation used refer to the holotomotoolbox and S. Martzke's PhD thesis.

Simple example how to use the code can be found within the code itself.

Remark on the Fourier frequencies: As the fftfreqn function does return the frequencies not multiplied by 2pi, the formulas differ from the holotomotoolbox implementation by S. Martzke.

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