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toni.ringling requested to merge 0.4.1 into master

This branch adds the ability to automatically create Tables using Hallgrim.

Method: A new parser reads the information from the script before it is parsed by any of old parsers. It adds the necessary markup for tables and leaves HALLGRIMTABLEAND where an & has to be inserted, which has to be done later, since the writing of the xml-file from the xml-tree converts & symbols. After the xml has been written it is reread, HALLGRIMTABLEAND is replaced with & and the file is rewritten.

Script-Syntax: A table is written in the form "[table]A,B,C;D;E;F,G,H[/table]" etc. where semicollata separate lines and commata separate cells. ILIAS-Inputs and LATEX can be inserted into tables (where applicable).

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