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Configure Renovate

Ilka Schulz requested to merge renovate/configure into master

Welcome to Renovate! This is an onboarding MR to help you understand and configure settings before regular Merge Requests begin.

🚦 To activate Renovate, merge this Merge Request. To disable Renovate, simply close this Merge Request unmerged.

Detected Package Files

  • docker-compose.bootstrap.yml (docker-compose)
  • docker-compose.yml (docker-compose)

Configuration Summary

Based on the default config's presets, Renovate will:

  • Start dependency updates only once this onboarding MR is merged
  • Separate major versions of dependencies into individual branches/MRs
  • Do not separate patch and minor upgrades into separate MRs for the same dependency
  • Upgrade to unstable versions only if the existing version is unstable
  • Raise MRs immediately (after branch is created)
  • If semantic commits detected, use semantic commit type fix for dependencies and chore for all others
  • Keep existing branches updated even when not scheduled
  • Disable automerging feature - wait for humans to merge all MRs
  • Ignore node_modules, bower_components, vendor and various test/tests directories
  • Autodetect whether to pin dependencies or maintain ranges
  • Rate limit MR creation to a maximum of two per hour
  • Limit to maximum 20 open MRs at any time
  • Group known monorepo packages together
  • Use curated list of recommended non-monorepo package groupings
  • Ignore spring cloud 1.x releases
  • Ignore http4s digest-based 1.x milestones
  • Use node versioning for @types/node
  • Limit concurrent requests to reduce load on Repology servers until we can fix this properly, see issue 10133

🔡 Would you like to change the way Renovate is upgrading your dependencies? Simply edit the renovate.json in this branch with your custom config and the list of Merge Requests in the "What to Expect" section below will be updated the next time Renovate runs.

What to Expect

With your current configuration, Renovate will create 7 Merge Requests:

Update mysql Docker tag to v5.7
  • Schedule: ["at any time"]
  • Branch name: renovate/mysql-5.x
  • Merge into: master
  • Upgrade mysql to 5.7
Update postgres Docker tag to v12.7
  • Schedule: ["at any time"]
  • Branch name: renovate/postgres-12.x
  • Merge into: master
  • Upgrade postgres to 12.7-alpine
Update Docker tag to v3.1.0
  • Schedule: ["at any time"]
  • Branch name: renovate/
  • Merge into: master
  • Upgrade to 3.1.0
Update jboss/keycloak Docker tag to v14
  • Schedule: ["at any time"]
  • Branch name: renovate/jboss-keycloak-14.x
  • Merge into: master
  • Upgrade jboss/keycloak to 14.0.0
Update mysql Docker tag to v8
  • Schedule: ["at any time"]
  • Branch name: renovate/mysql-8.x
  • Merge into: master
  • Upgrade mysql to 8.0
Update openjdk Docker tag to v17
  • Schedule: ["at any time"]
  • Branch name: renovate/openjdk-17.x
  • Merge into: master
  • Upgrade openjdk to 17-jdk-alpine
Update postgres Docker tag
  • Schedule: ["at any time"]
  • Branch name: renovate/postgres-13.x
  • Merge into: master
  • Upgrade postgres to 13.3-alpine
  • Upgrade postgres to 13

🚸 Branch creation will be limited to maximum 2 per hour, so it doesn't swamp any CI resources or spam the project. See docs for prhourlylimit for details.

Dependency Lookup Warnings

Please correct - or verify that you can safely ignore - these lookup failures before you merge this MR.

  • Failed to look up dependency
  • Failed to look up dependency

Files affected: docker-compose.yml

Got questions? Check out Renovate's Docs, particularly the Getting Started section. If you need any further assistance then you can also request help here.

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