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Dockerize configure system

Ilka Schulz requested to merge dockerize-configure into master


  • separate the various bootstrap stages into their own files in bin/
  • re-write configure to run each bootstrap stage inside a container
  • make host platform dependencies (docker, python, etc) installation optional


  • This change should make it easier to configure and run the deployment on different servers, as it can now be configured on any host that has docker installed, regardless of operating system
  • However this obviously makes the ./configure script slower, as a number of dependencies are downloaded every time in the generate-env script is run in (since a new container is used each time)
    • (one way to solve this issue would be to create and publish a docker image specifically for the ./generate-env script)
  • This also allows us avoid a lot of ubuntu specific weirdness in our bootstrap scripts, as they run with a standard debian runtime


This works locally for me, but is currently blocked by this issue:

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