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Feature/#11 metadata

Michelle Weidling requested to merge feature/#11-metadata into develop


With this MR metadata is no longer hardcoded but retrieved from a TEI resource at hand (1).

Furthermore, the API endpoint /api/info/ has been altered in a way that it doesn't return littered JSON anymore (2).

Also general code improvements (correcting typos, minor refactoring) have been made.

For convenience purposes the changes from !6 (merged) have already been merged into this branch.

Breaking Changes

language isn't a simple key/value pair anymore but contains an array of values due to the fact that some manuscripts comprise more than one language. This change MAY require updates in the frontend.

Furthermore, language has been renamed to lang.

Use Cases

ad (1): This provides the possibility to display the real title of a manuscript as well as the languages used in the resource.

ad (2): Applications using the data from this endpoint no longer receive littered data.


Shall we add your feature to the documentation?

  • N/A

Are there parts of the documentation we have to adjust

  • N/A


Are we able to test this new feature?

  • Yes, you can test by following these steps: Fire up the database, insert some data and try the API endpoint /api/info and /textapi/ahikar/{$collection}/{$document}-{$page}/latest/item.json" resp.


  • I added a statement to the CHANGELOG.

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