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Feature/#119 adjust content object

Michelle Weidling requested to merge feature/#119-adjust-content-object into develop



With this MR each Item Object can hold more than one content item; the API has been adjusted to the generic TextAPI's change in this regard (cf. subugoe/emo/text-api#19 (closed)). The Ahiqar HTML serialization are now presented in a typed fashion, marking them as transcription or transliteration. The latter will become relevant for the Karshuni texts.

To be able to easily distinguish these two HTML serialization types the /content API has been altered to accept the HTML type as a parameter (i.e. /content/transcription/ and /content/transliteration). However, the underlying functionality has not been changed yet as this is part of #27 (closed). At this stage only the transcription is displayed.

Apart from that, the testtrigger.xqm module has been altered in such a way that problems in the test execution are shown first in the results. We have a rather long list of modules to check, and this way it's harder to overlook problems when testing locally.

Compliance to “Definition of Done”

  • Unit tests passed
  • Code reviewed
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  • I updated the README (if applicable)
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Are we able to test this new feature?

  • Yes, everything can be done via unit tests.
  • Yes, you can test by following these steps:
    • build the database locally
    • go to ${IP}/exist/restxq/textapi/ahikar/syriac/sample_edition-82a/latest/item.json and ${IP}/exist/restxq/textapi/ahikar/arabic-karshuni/sample_edition_arabic-82a/latest/item.json


  • I added a statement to the CHANGELOG.

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Closes #119 (closed).

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