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feat: render metadata objects recursively as lists

Paul Pestov requested to merge feature/#367-lists-in-metadata into develop

How to test:

  • Add GFL config to index.template.html, I used this as entrypoints because of CORS issues on dev.gfl: http://localhost:1745/tido/gfl/sample/manifest.json
  • Inspect "Zugehöriges" items headline
  • Should be one link with "13. Dezember 1812. Seebeck an Goethe"


This MR wants to introduce a new recursive component . When it has proven itself we then should omit MetadataUrls totally and use MetadataItem. The reason behind this is the possibility of TextAPI to deliver recursive objects where links are stated as key/value as was decided in the last meeting.

closes #367 (closed)

Edited by Paul Pestov

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