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TIDO 3.0.0

Paul Pestov requested to merge next into develop

This MR introduces new features to TIDO as well as a major design overhaul and many changes under the hood:

  • Configuration
    • New way to configure TIDO panels. You can define an array of panels that contain views that are displayed as tabs.
    • Default Config: TIDO can integrated without any configuration. Instead it will use a default config.
    • You can run TIDO without any config (zero config) but still an entrypoint is needed either on the URL or as config property.
    • Please review the README for the full discription of new configuration options.
  • Embedding
    • TIDO is now capable of being embedded into the HTML structure of websites. Before you could only integrate TIDO as full page app.
  • Design
    • New design of panels
    • Panels now have actions in top right corner

Please follow these preview links to inspect the current state:

Zero Config with Ahiqar collection (so you can check out how TIDO tries to interpret AHiqar data without any (default) config

Please comment your feedback here. Thx!

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