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ci: keep main and develop artifacts

Michelle Weidling requested to merge bugfix/#55-keep-develop-artifacts into develop


The build stage has been split into two jobs: build_test for all branches except develop and main, and build_main_and_develop for dealing with said branches.

The only difference is their expire_in setting, which has been set to never.

Furthermore, all occurrences of master have been renamed to main according to our new naming policy.

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#55 (closed)

Does the result of the MR comply to our "definition of done"?

  • Unit tests passed
  • Code reviewed
  • Acceptance criteria met
  • Functional tests passed
  • Non-Functional requirements met
  • Product Owner accepts the User Story


#55 (closed)


  • I added a statement to the CHANGELOG.

/cc Mathias Göbel, Frank Schneider, Michelle Weidling

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