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version 3.0.1b, uploaded to TER

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Version History
- 3.0.0 (2013-07-xx): add new Plug-In »pazpar2 Service Proxy« for use
- 3.0.1b (2013-07-30): improvements to README, JavaScript client and
configuration files
- 3.0.0b (2013-07-17): add new Plug-In »pazpar2 Service Proxy« for use
with `Service Proxy <>`__;
process electronic-url fields in Service Proxy plugin; support
loading autocomplete lists for the form fields; add class
.pz2-electronic-url to links; allow overriding JavaScript
localisations from TypoScript; make number of results per page
configurable from TypoScript; convert README to ReSt
configurable from TypoScript
- 2.4.1 (2013-05-10): fix KVK links; improve map display; improve
configuration for turning off export formats; make pazpar2 service
path configurable in JavaScript
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