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Feature/#26 update to exist 5.3.0

Mathias Goebel requested to merge feature/#26-update-to-exist-5.3.0 into develop

This MR provides compatibility to eXist 5.3.0…

…by adjusting the namespace of the templating in view-xq. The dependency on the processor is added in expath-pkg.xml to prevent older processors to load this package. These older processors has to send an apropriate query to the hosting repository. It is not up to this package to take care about this!

Also – yes, there is an additional edit that has nothing to do with the major commit – it renames all .xql resources to .xq what represents the well-established standard in the community.

In addition — yes, there are even more things implemented in here, just to make YOU go crazy — it fixes the broken URL to the binary for testing the application. Without the CI test stage will not be able to succeed.

Finally: closes #26 (closed)

Edited by Mathias Goebel

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