Sebastian Bernd Mohr requested to merge 1.4.0 into main
  • (Feature) We have a frontpage now! It explains some features of the app and helps new users get started.
  • (Feature) Pen line smoothing #28
    • New Slider to adjust smoothing
    • Ramer-Douglas-Peucker algorithms for simplification of the polyline with additional splines for drawing.
  • (Feature) User settings #29
    • Settings are saved for each user in the database
    • Settings are synced across devices
      • This only happens on page reload or focus change as everything else is confusing if using multiple tabs
    • Settings include:
      • Zoom level(s)
      • Font, Font size, Line height, Line Wrap
      • Pen color, pen size
  • (Feature) Added background gradient to page viewer
  • (Fix) Fixed a bug where the page was setup multiple times by the worker
  • (Dev) Fonts are now dynamically injected into the page
    • This makes the process of adding fonts much easier
    • Has no effect on the user

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