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Feature/#52 annotationapi tests

Michelle Weidling requested to merge feature/#52-annotationapi-tests into develop



This MR provides…

  • extensive tests for the AnnotationAPI. For this, some minor changes several functions have been made and several minor bugs fixed.
  • the annotation module has been split to annotation.xqm and annotation-rest.xqm, the latter holding only the REST interface definitions. Both reside now in their own collection, modules/AnnotationAPI, which makes the app a bit more clear.
  • a better structure of the modules by moving the fragment retrieval to commons.xqm. This way, annotations.xqm doesn't have to import tapi-html.xqm which makes no sense (the HTML creation is logically independent from the annotations).
  • test-runner.xq which can be used for local unit testing now inherits from test-trigger.xqm, thus reducing duplications (DRY!). Cf. #62 (closed)
  • The output of the tests have been remodeled to be both human and machine readable which addresses #61 (closed).
  • The sample files have been renamed for clarity and slightly altered/enhanced to better depict the project's data structure.
  • The content of repo.xml has been shortened in order to avoid having version information on two places.

Compliance to “Definition of Done”

  • Unit tests passed
  • Code reviewed
  • Acceptance criteria met
  • Functional tests passed
  • Non-Functional requirements met
  • Product Owner accepts the User Story


  • I updated existing documentation


Are we able to test this new feature?

  • Yes, everything can be done via unit tests.


  • I added a statement to the CHANGELOG.

Version number

  • I bumped the version number in

Related Tickets


Closes #52 (closed), #61 (closed), #62 (closed).

/cc Mathias Göbel, Frank Schneider, Michelle Weidling

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