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Feature/#51 remove sade

Michelle Weidling requested to merge feature/#51-remove-sade into develop



With this MR Ahiqar no longer relies on SADE for the data transfer from TextGrid to exists, but switches to TextGrid Connect Standalone which improves the startup performance of the app as well as the amount of space needed.

This step has the following consequences:

  • SADE is removed from the build as well as all its accompanying applications (Code Viewer, SADE assets)
  • TextGrid Connect Standalone is installed in SADE's stead
  • data is now stored to /db/data/textgrid as is described in TextGrid Connect's README
  • TextGrid Connect is a bit stricter when it comes to publishing data to the database. It will refuse invalid data or XML files that cannot be validated (i.e. files for which no Relax NG is available)
  • the scholars will not be able to create SADE forks anymore

Compliance to “Definition of Done”

  • Unit tests passed
  • Code reviewed
  • Acceptance criteria met
  • Functional tests passed
  • Non-Functional requirements met
  • Product Owner accepts the User Story

Use Cases

See #51 (closed).


  • I updated the README (if applicable)
  • I provided my functions with appropriate documentation
  • I updated existing documentation


Are we able to test this new feature?

  • Yes, everything can be done via unit tests.


  • I added a statement to the CHANGELOG.

Version number

  • I bumped the version number in

Related Tickets

Closes #51 (closed).

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