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fix: linking back to the url from where we came from

dindigala requested to merge issue/search-breadcrumb-url into develop

Please pull the branch in local to test.


  • Please pull/checkout to the related fix branch issue/#321-search-breadcrumb-url in tido repo and run tido-fix.

  • Modify the url's in .env.local file to the following

    VUE_APP_BASE_URL_API = VUE_APP_BASE_URL_VIEWER = http://localhost:8080 (entryport of ahikar-tido)

  • run the app, navigate to search page, search for a text حيقار. Once we get the result please select on any of the item and this results in navigating to Tido.

  • From the url try to remove /arabic-karshuni or /syriac after http://localhost:8080

  • We can see the search breadcrumb displayed with the search result. Try to click on the search result and this should result in navigating back to the search page from where we came from with the search result.


issue 321

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