chore(release): 0.4.0 [skip ci]

# [0.4.0](v0.3.1...v0.4.0) (2022-04-01)

### Bug Fixes

* adjust document status to first release ([f2a36e17](f2a36e17))
* copypaste flaws ([7ce82b88](7ce82b88))
* file ref ([29c5b108](29c5b108))
* id base uri ([e5aa4801](e5aa4801))
* json schema version ([4cf2654b](4cf2654b))
* lang, format, typos ([e4f486d2](e4f486d2))
* metadata recursion ([437775a5](437775a5))
* module description ([2322e2a1](2322e2a1))
* module description ([b6976670](b6976670))
* path to item in sample ([37645d20](37645d20))
* remove collector enfored role 'collector' ([52b05d54](52b05d54))
* semver pattern ([85d8ea16](85d8ea16))
* update requried sections ([75e4669a](75e4669a))
* URL pattern ([a1bc4211](a1bc4211))
* version in sample data ([c411a20d](c411a20d))

### Features

* add array types ([6f9deb43](6f9deb43))
* add data integrity object to schema ([34fd644b](34fd644b))
* add first version of json schema ([806c98a4](806c98a4))
* add item to json schema ([70d99b8b](70d99b8b))
* add json schema ([45b4628d](45b4628d))
* allow for xeno data, disallow any other ([8eb46764](8eb46764))
* mime type pattern ([ada00795](ada00795))
* recursive metadata object ([75334e49](75334e49))
* restrict support mime types ([9ae3c09f](9ae3c09f))
* validation script ([28f33a57](28f33a57))
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