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Resolve "Concept for versioning"

Michelle Weidling requested to merge 18-concept-for-versioning into main

This branch introduces an archiving mechanism to the TextAPI. The TextAPI specs, the AnnotationAPI specs and the modules all have the same version number (closes #57 (closed)).

In order to achieve archiving, two new directories, content/current and content/archive are introduced. Before a release, the script .scripts/ is run which executes the following steps:

  1. moves the old version to archive/x.y.z where x.y.z is the semantic version
  2. makes an intro page for archived version which will be available via the nav bar
  3. updates all versions in the YAML headers and appends the version to the specs' titles (making obvious which version you're looking at)
  4. adds an entry to the nav bar in config.toml
  5. … commits all changes to the repo

The release and the publish stage in the CI/CD config have been adapted to that first a release is made and the GitLab page is then build after all changes have been committed to the repo. This way the nav bar is always up to date.

Furthermore, Dockerfiles for this repo have been introduced after having run into connectivity problems with GitLab's Hugo image.

Closes #18 (closed)

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